Prayer Requests

Allen Barber (cancer) - Bogalusa, LA (piano, baritone with Calvary's Harmony Quartet)

Elmer "Red" Corkern (skin cancer) - Bogalusa, LA

Vera Villeret Family - Jackson, MS (Tommy Meadow's sister)

Wayne Young (cancer) - Bogalusa, LA

Roger Skinner (bone cancer in his hip) - Puckett, MS

Ray Gates Family - Puckett, MS (bass singer for Hosanna Quartet)

Wanda Smith (cancer treatments) - Magee, MS

Baby Townes Craft (Pompe Disease) - Brandon, MS (grandson of Linda and Jerry Craft, Magee, MS

Mrs. Hilda Roberts (aneurysm) - Magee, MS (Wife of Lewis Roberts, and Mother of Sandra Hyde, and Susan Walker)

Rev. Tony Bagley Family - Pastor of Santee Baptist Church, Bassfield, MS

Donnie Maddox Family - Magee, MS

James Westbrook (recovery from stroke) - Raleigh, MS

Carolyn Norris (cancer surgery) - Collins, MS (Sister of Stan Runnels, The Revelations)

Dr. Ken Chamblin (kidneys) - Arlington, TX

Rev. Benny Still (serious heart problems) - Cleveland, MS

Jack Hodge Family - Laurel, MS

Janice Seal Douglas (thyroid surgery, possible cancer) - Brookhaven, MS

Charles (Chuck, C.V.) Rushing (lymphoma) - Brookhaven, MS (Gloryland Quartet)

Frances Small Family - Dalzell, SC (Ancie Ruth's Sister)

Ray Gates (prostate and bone cancer) - Puckett, MS (Hosanna bass singer)

Kent Garner Family - Magee, MS

Toni Walker (melanoma) - Magee, MS - Healed!

Misty Blair Hanna (melanoma) - Magee, MS - Healed!

Ms. Bobbie and James White - Morton, MS

Brother Ralph Rogers (severe back pain) - Mobile, AL (faithful Gospel music supporter)

Rosanne Robinson Pingitore - Red Bank, NJ (Sonny's family)

Morgan Lewis - Magee, MS

Beverly Oxenrider (heart attack) - Lumberton, MS (Mother of Pam and Jason, of The Riders)

PRAISE REPORT: Hal Hart - Jackson, MS (HEALED from STAGE 4 CANCER!!)

Kay Downs (healing from tumor) - Laurel, MS (wife of Jimmy Downs, Minister of Music, Park Haven Baptist Church)

Jimmy Case (cancer) - McCall Creek, MS (son of Freda and Rev. James Case)

Tracy Stuffle (stroke) - Gallatin, TN (bass singer for The Perrys)

Louis Slaughter (back injury) - Florein, LA (member of singing group The Slaughter Family)

David Windham Family - Magee, MS

Ned Smith Family - State Line, MS (near Waynesboro) (Ancie's cousin)

Mrs. Dorothy Guy (knee replacement surgery recovery) - Angie, LA

Karissa Chervnsik (multiple health problems) - Katy, TX

Butch McKissack Family - Collins, MS (Johnny's brother, and Sonny's cousin)

Corey Motes (blood pressure and Chron's disease) - Brookhaven, MS (Son of Stephaney and Bo Sullivan)

Joe Williams - Lawrence, MS (esophageal cancer) Praise report: Joe is back at work and doing fine. Praise God!

Terry Simoneaux (shoulder surgery recovery) - Head of Island, LA

Paige Baggett - Diamondhead, MS (Daughter in law of Melanie Heinzenberger, and cousin of Johnny and Sonny)

Rachel Allen (cancer recovery) - Mize, MS (Johnny's Aunt and Sonny's Cousin)

Alice Fort Family - Coushatta, LA (Wife of Rev. Mike Fort)

Kristen Kennedy (needs heart transplant) - Magee, MS (cousin of Johnny and Sonny)

Kassie Kyles Family (Daughter of Ken Carman, and Niece of Linda Buckley) - Georgetown, MS (4Eternity Quartet)

Donald Walker (recovery from heart surgery) - Magee, MS (Minister of Music at Corinth Baptist Church)

Kenneth Martin Family - Jackson, MS

Junior Hankins (recovery from heart surgery) - Magee, MS

Jimmie Dale Gibbs - Lake, MS

Jeff Koehn (heart attack) - Sarasota, FL

Gloria Alford-Koehn - Sarasota, FL

Family of Harold Daigre  - Homewood, MS (Father of Rev. Hal Daigre)

Rev. Don Huckeba - , Vidor, TX (Pat Hutchings and Donna Rice's father)

Dale Gibbs - Lake, MS

Zach Little Family - Sumrall, MS

Lindsey Meadows - Mendenhall, MS (Ancie & Sonny's Granddaughter)

Glynn Fendlason - Springfield, LA

Melanie Heinzenberger - Magee, MS (Sonny & Johnny's cousin)

Christine "Cricket" Stivner - Beaumont, TX (Mother of Crystal Hensarling of Jasper, TX)

Mrs. Margaret "Sugie" Bailey Family - Mobile, AL (Wife of Brother Melvin Bailey)

Camille Galloway - Corinth, MS (niece of Sonny) (answered prayers - Good Report)

Billie Carol Padziora - Corinth, MS ( Sonny's niece)

Bonnie Reynaud (heart surgery) - Brookhaven, MS (Mother of Kendal Reynaud, and Stephanie Reynaud's Mother-in-Law)

Rev. Art Kintsley - Jackson, MS

Courtney Holmes - Pearl River, LA

Tammy Mathews (surgery) - Raleigh, MS (Sonny and Johnny's Cousin)

Jo Lin Fraser Family - Jasper, TX (Mother is missing)

Albert Hensarling - Jasper, TX

Zach Little Family - Sumrall, MS (Son of Mary Ann and Edward Little)

Pat Todd Family, wife of David Todd, (Endless Praise) - Mobile, AL

Bobbie Martin - Raleigh, MS (Sonny and Johnny's Cousin)

Susan Hall - Magee, MS

Greg Hall Family - Magee, MS

Teresa Earles Family - Magee, MS (Keith Maddox's aunt)

Cole Stevens (brain aneurysm) - Puckett, MS (Donna and Ray's Niece)

Ricky McKissack (Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma) - Moselle, MS (Johnny and Sonny's cousin)

Kristi Morgan - Brookhaven, MS

Harry Foster - Brookhaven, MS (Husband of Joyce Foster)

Dinah Teague - Hallsville, TX (Sister of Rita Akins and Theresa Robinson, Hattiesburg, MS)

Rev. Andy Boles - Forest, MS (Pastor of Clifton Baptist Church)

Madelyn Westbrook - Raleigh, MS (Sonny and Johnny's Cousin)

Baby Levi Matthews - Mize, MS (Son of Chris and Krysti Matthews, Grandson of Wayne and Tammy Matthews)

Rev. Leon May (stroke) - Magee, MS (Pastor Everett Baptist Church, Hwy. 13 out of Mendenhall, MS)

Junior Hankins (foot injury) - Magee, MS

Tilly McCain Family - Angie, LA

Shelby Adams (tumor) - Jasper, TX (seven-year-old cousin of Don and Mary Warden, Ebenezer Baptist Church, Jasper)

Rev. Creighton White (stroke, in Baptist Hospital, Jackson, MS) - Philadelphia, MS

Susan Knight Magee (surgery, Lymphedema) - Bogalusa, LA

Terri Boney Family (wife of Roy Boney, of Hearts Desire) - Stringer, MS

Jackie Williamson - Jackson, MS

Crystal Liner Sanchez - Lockport, LA (Sonny's great-niece)

Anthony "Tony" Myers Family - Jasper, TX, Ebenezer Baptist Church

Ava Arnett (3 yr.-old dtr. of Lisa & Mike Arnett) - Orlando, FL

Kadie Garner Family - Magee, MS

Rev. James Case - Brookhaven, MS

H. B. Sullivan (recovery from heart surgery) - Richton, MS (Father of Bo Sullivan, tenor singer for Hosanna Quartet)

Dorothy Kelly - Harrisville, MS

April Goddard - Harrisville, MS

Gary Way - Midcity, OK

Glenda Way - Midcity, OK

Pam Oxenrider Taylor (The Riders) - Lumberton, MS

Brian Evans - Prentiss, MS

Teresia Rayborn and Family - Magee, MS

Gloria Alford Koehn - Sarasota, FL (brother and sister very ill)

Mandy Little Harrison - Mize, MS (Multiple Sclerosis)

David Lewis - New Hebron, MS (asthmatic bronchitis)

Breck Aaron Hoyt (14 years old) - Woodworth, LA (brain tumor)

 Jerry Norris Family - Mt. Olive, MS (husband of Carolyn Norris)

Rev. James Case - Brookhaven, MS (heart stints)

Shannon Lyle  - Ridgeland, MS (Allene Meadows daughter and Ray Gate's niece)

Barry Oxenrider (The Riders) - Lumberton, MS (multiple health problems)

Mary Durham Family - Puckett, MS

Brady Oxenrider (son of Jason and Amy Oxenrider, The Riders) - Purvis, MS

James Ates - Magee, MS

Mickey Moore - Magee, MS

Howard Barnett Family - Magee, MS (Father of Evelyn Bishop)

Amy Dunnam (gospel soloist) - Mobile, AL (pray for protection from cancer)

Vera Villeret (broken hip recovery) - Jackson, MS (Tommy Meadow's sister)

Albert Hensarling ( knee surgery) - Jasper, TX (friend of Hosanna)

Family of Richard Keys - Jackson, MS (son of Joyce Keys, formerly of Magee, MS and Sonny's cousin)

Dustin McMillan - Lake, MS (friend of Jimmy and Dale Gibbs family)

Gene McKissack family - Mize, MS (Johnny's uncle and Sonny's first cousin)

Rev. Mike Fort (recovery from accident) - Coushatta, LA (Pastor of Walnut Grove Baptist Church)

Rev. Mike Clark (heart attack) - Collins, MS (Santee Baptist Church)

Hazel Bryant - Mendenhall, MS (Gerald Vance's mother)

Brooke Elizabeth Baggett - Magee, MS (Sonny and Johnny's cousin)

Billy Bishop (kidney tumor) - Magee, MS (Kevin, Billy and Nolan Bishop's father)

Christina Gibbs (UMC, Jackson, MS) - Lake, MS (Jimmy and Dale Gibbs granddaughter)

Shirley McNair (high blood pressure problems) - Sandersville/Laurel, MS

Barbara Lee Family - Georgetown, MS

Gary Case Family - Brookhaven, MS (Husband of Doris Case, Pearlhaven Baptist Church)

Billie Carol Padziora (serious knee problems, possible surgery) - Glen, MS (Sonny's niece)

Karen Allen Perkins, with roots in Smith County, MS, now living in Huntsville, AL will be taking part in "Mission Vietnam". The group will be leaving October 21, and returning November 6th. They will be going to Saigon, the Mekong Delta, DaNang, Khe Sanh and other places. Please pray for their safety, strength and that the mission trip will be used to reach the people of that country for the Lord. - PRAISE REPORT: Karen and the group have returned safely, and report a very successful and blessed mission trip.

Camille Galloway (heart problems) - Glen, MS (Sonny's niece)

Mrs. Minnie Williams Family - Jasper, TX

Bobbie Martin - Mize, MS (Johnny and Sonny's cousin)

Greg Sullivan (surgery) - Holden, LA (sings with Chronicle)

Dana Sparks - Reform, AL (bone marrow biopsy)

Aubree Middleton - Raleigh, MS (four-wheeler accident)

 Kimberly Parker (ICU at Wesley) - Beaumont, MS (Wife of Rev. Delton Parker, Kittrell Methodist) Praise Report - Kimberly is at home and doing great! Thank you Jesus!

Dorothy Jo "Boo" Malone - Hattiesburg, MS (cancer treatment)

Darian Hutchinson (14 years old) - Leesville, LA (intestinal transplant)

Joe Westmoreland (accident) - Taylorsville, MS

Martha Wiggington (cancer) - Magee, MS (David and Darren Wiggington's mother)

Grace Riley Family - Magee/Mize, MS (Sonny and Johnny's aunt)

Marty Williams, son of Mary and John Williams - Jackson, MS

Melanie Riley Heinzenberger - Magee, MS (Sonny and Johnny's cousin)

Betty Birdwell (double bypass surgery) - Jasper, TX (member of Ebenezer Baptist Church)

Lt. Joseph Smith, USAF, (serving in Qatar), severe reaction from inoculation - Magee, MS (son of Joe and Wanda Smith)

Louis Carriere (heart surgery) - Bogalusa, LA

Sandra Griffin Family - Raleigh, MS

Mike Bowling Family (Bus/18-Wheeler Accident) - Nashville, TN

Scott Barton (upcoming heart surgery) - Gulfport, MS (Father-in-law of Jenna Barton, Sonny's Granddaughter)

Family and friends of Dena Bishop Wedgeworth - Taylorsville, MS

Mimi Stegall (cancer) - Brookhaven, MS (wife of Larry Stegall, lead singer for Gloryland Quartet)

Dale Gibbs (surgery recovery) - Lake, MS

Matt Williams (recovery from brain surgery) - Hattiesburg, MS

Rev. Rick Erwin (multiple health problems), Pastor of Procter Baptist Church - Port Arthur, TX

Dwayne McDonald (muscular dystrophy) - Forest, MS

Chris McDonald (muscular dystrophy - Forest, MS

Mike McDonald (muscular dystrophy) - Forest, MS

Travis Stringer Family - Mt. Olive, MS

Jimmy Riley Family - Magee, MS (Sonny and Johnny's cousin)

Larry Warren (recovery from successful liver transplant) - Mendenhall, MS

Chelsey Hankins - Magee, MS (open heart surgery, May 26)

PRAISE REPORT! - Chelsea was at Church tonight (June 2), ONE WEEK to the day after her surgery! Praise God!

Audrin King (two years old, stage 4 cancer) - Not sure of her hometown, just pray for her and her family.

Tommy Benson - Houston, TX (recovery from heart surgery)

Mrs. Minnie Williams - Jasper, TX

Kaye Downs - Laurel, MS (Wife of Jimmy Downs, Minister of Music, Park Haven Baptist Church, Laurel)

Stephanie Reynaud (Gloryland Quartet) - Brookhaven, MS

Pam Oxenrider (The Riders) - Lumberton, MS (upcoming surgery)

Paula Sims - Jasper, TX

Marilyn Lewis - Jasper, TX (broken leg, cancer, diabetes)

Family of Sharon Kay Webb - Jasper, TX

Donna Gates (recovery from surgery on infected hand) - Puckett, MS (Ray Gates wife)

Ray Gates (Heart tests) - Puckett, MS (Bass singer, Hosanna)

Diane Dickerson (wife of Rev. Danny Dickerson) - Raleigh, MS

Brittnee Matthews - Raleigh, MS (Johnny and Sonny's cousin)

Tom Royals (recovery from liver transplant) - Magee, MS

Lisa Victoria Arnett (diabetes) - Orlando, FL (special request)

Ava Victoria Arnett (heart surgery) - Orlando, FL (special request)

Wayne King Family - Brookhaven, MS (Father of Jeff King, Bass singer for Gloryland Quartet)

Johnny Varnes - Magee, MS (Heart Surgery recovery)

Peggy Moore (cancer) - Baton Rouge, LA (Tommy's cousin)

John Hawkins Family - Brookhaven, MS

Danny Joe Thompson Family - Magee, MS

Katie Atwood - Raleigh, MS

Carl Stewart Family - Saraland, AL

Jeannette Crain (cancer) - Columbia, MS

Rev. Jerome McLendon - Unity Baptist Church, Georgetown, MS (lung cancer)

Sandra Griffin - Raleigh, MS (cancer)

Harry Foster - Brookhaven, MS (Heart Surgery recovery)

Robby Grubbs - Mendenhall, MS (Eight years old, Leukemia)

Pete Lamprin - Nacogdoches, TX

Sharon Webb (cancer) - Jasper, TX

Jimmy Martin - Newton, TX (awaiting liver transplant)

Sheree Price - Mendenhall, MS (Gerald's sister)

Shirley McLain - Saraland, AL

Chris Puckett - Magee, MS

Shirley McNair - Sandersville, MS

Frank Cooley - Seminary, MS

J. T. O'Cain (13), Kalem United Methodist Church, Morton, MS - (cancer treatment)

 Madeline Westbrook (16) - Raleigh, MS (Sonny and Johnny's cousin)

Amanda (Lee) Broadhead - Mendenhall, MS

Tim Smith (cancer treatments) - Brandon, MS (Son of Rev. Frank Smith)

Taylor Poindexter - Gray, MS (Sonny's great-niece)

Ancie Riley - Magee, MS (Sonny's wife)

Rachel Bishop (Spine surgery, Scoliosis) - Mountain View, AR (Rev. Kevin Bishop's daughter)

Angela Riley (Hodgkin's lymphoma) NOW in Remission - Ponchatoula, LA (Sonny's daughter-in-law)

Lonna Carwyle - Brookhaven, MS (Daughter of Doris Case, Pearlhaven Baptist Church, Brookhaven)

Allene Meadows - Cato, MS

Belle Smith (2 Years Old) - Jackson, MS (Focal Segmental Glomular Sclerosis  - FSGS)

Governor Sarah Palin and her Family - Wasilla, AK (Psalm 27)

Please pray that the outcome of the years ahead for the United States will be pleasing to God.

Hal T. Hart, Lead Tech at Jackson Sports Medicine - Jackson, MS

B.C. Walley, Bass Singer of The Walley Family

Danny Eason - Forest Hill, LA (Brother of Sharon Slaughter, of The Slaughter Family)

Julia Patrick (11-years-old) - Napoleon, OH

Edward "Buddy" Atkinson - Morton, MS

Lauren Grace Westerfield - Morton, MS (Granddaughter of Dot Sanders)

Kay Downs - Laurel, MS (wife of Jimmy Downs, Minister of Music, Parkway Baptist Church)

Kaylee Langley - Strengthford, MS (granddaughter of Jimmy and Kay Downs)

Jan Boswell - Kansas City, KS (sister of Rev. Steve Mackender, pastor of Calvary Baptist Church, Seminary, MS)

Howard Crowe - Cato, MS (son-in-law of Allene and Tommy Meadows)

Aaron Crowe - Cato, MS (grandson of Allene and Tommy Meadows)

Rev. James Case - Brookhaven, MS

Kacie Walker - Magee, MS

Ray Gates - Puckett, MS (Hosanna's Bass Singer)

Rachel Allen - Mize, MS (Johnny's aunt and Sonny's 1st cousin)

Dale Gibbs - Pleasant Ridge Baptist Church, Lake, MS

Rev. Fred Morris, Pastor of Riverside Baptist Church - Monticello, MS

April Bynum - Magee, MS

Bob Allen Family - Mt. Olive, MS

Ira Jarrell - Nicholson, MS

Bobby and Camille Galloway - Glen, MS

Donna Gates - Puckett, MS (Ray's Wife)

Please pray for our military troops,

and the United States of America.


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