A Southern Gospel Quartet based in Magee, MS, Hosanna is available to come to your church or selected events to bring the Good News of the wonderful plan of Salvation through Jesus Christ.

        We are so very thankful for the support of many wonderful friends and people we have met through the years. The families of the members of Hosanna play a very strong role in the endeavors of the group to carry the message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ in song and words to anyone who will listen. We just couldn't do it the way we do it, without their support.

        Please check our schedule and come to one of the sings when you can. If you want us to come to your church or event contact us at:

P.O. Box 686

Magee, MS 39111

601 / 849-9046    or    601 / 942-4159

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Previous Hosanna Members

Bob Allen, Piano - 1995

Sad to say, we suddenly lost Bob in 2009. He was a fantastic musician and friend. We all miss you Bob.

Raymond Johnson, Lead - 1995-1996

Jonny Freeman, Baritone - 1995-1996

Keith Maddox, Lead - 1996-1997

Danny Dickerson, Lead - 1997-2001

Gerald Vance, Tenor - 1995-2011

David Lewis, Tenor - 2011


Please pray for the President and the United States of America.



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